Common Questions Answered

1. Are Frenchies good with kids?

Answer: Frenchies are AMAZING with children! They can be a little bit rough for very small children until they get used to being around them just because they do not realize their own strength. But they are extremely smart and easy to train so teaching them to be easy with kids is not difficult at all. They will soon be best of friends and inseparable.

2. Are Frenchies hard to potty train?

Answer: Not if you are consistent and let them out after waking up, playing, and eating or drinking. They are known to be stubborn but they are extremely intelligent. Consistency is key when trying to train them to go outside. We also recommend limiting the space available to them and not feeding or giving water too close to bedtime. Potty bells are also a wonderful tool to help them let you know they need to go out.

3. Do Frenchies shed?

Answer: Yes, Frenchies shed. A high quality food, brushing once a week, and a tiny bit coconut oil in their food every now and then will reduce shedding quite a bit.

4. Why are they so expensive?

Answer: The cost of Frenchies is a direct reflection of the cost of breeding. Please click here for more information about that.

5. What is limited registration?

Answer: Limited registration means the puppy is registered with AKC but cannot be bred. Breeding is not for the faint of heart. It's hard. It's expensive. And it should truly be left to people who know what they are doing. (If you are purchasing a pup from us and you are seriously interested in breeding, we would be happy to share our knowledge with you.)

6. Where are your puppies kept?

Answer: Our puppies are kept inside our home in what we call the puppy nursery. I actually move into that room and sleep right next to mom and babies for at least the first few weeks. They are a part of the family from the moment they arrive.

7. Are the puppies socialized before they go to their new homes?

Answer: YES! Our puppies are handled daily by us and once they are less fragile, we allow close family and friends (kids included) to come for visits. This teaches the puppies to be friendly and that children are fun and nothing to be afraid of.

8. Can we come see the puppies in person?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are not able to allow people we do not know to come see the puppies in our home. Allowing people we don't know into our home in this day and age is extremely dangerous. We have heard too many horror stories of families being hurt or even killed for their Frenchies. What we offer instead is plenty of photos, videos, and even Face-time. We can show you the puppy nursery, the puppy play area, and each puppy individually.

9. Do you have a waiting list?

Answer: Yes, we do. We start a waiting list as soon as we have a litter planned. If you are interested in being on a waiting list, please contact us as soon as possible. We do require a deposit for our waiting list. 

10. Do you require a deposit?

Answer: Yes, we require a $1000 non-refundable deposit to be placed on our waiting list and/or reserve one of our puppies. The deposit amount goes toward the price of your puppy. We do require a $2000-$5000 non-refundable deposit for full breedings rights, depending on the price of the puppy.

11. Do you ship puppies?

Answer: We do not ship puppies, but we do offer hand delivery via ourselves or flight nanny. This is an additional fee that varies depending on flights.

12. Is there an airport close to you?

Answer: Yes, we can meet you at the Nashville International Airport (BNA).

13. Why do you require a deposit to be placed on your waiting list?

Answer: We reserve our waiting list for serious buyers only. Unfortunately, we can't just take someone's word that they want a puppy from us when the time comes. And when puppies arrive we are busy, busy, busy so we won't be able to reach out to a long list of people that may or may not really be interested.

14. If I am on the waiting list, when will I get to choose my puppy?

Answer: While we will have a good idea from the beginning according to the puppy you've requested, final decisions are usually made at around 3-4 weeks. Puppies change so much until this point, we want to make sure everyone is getting the puppy that works best for them.

14. How much are your puppies?

Answer: Pricing varies according to color, DNA, quality, male vs. female, and pet home or full breeding rights.