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Why do Frenchies Cost So Much?

Did you know?

  • Almost all French Bulldogs have to be artificially inseminated.

  • They also have to have c-sections. 

  • Since they have to be artificially inseminated and have a c-section, breeders have to do progesterone testing as well to time everything just right. 

  • Good breeders also DNA and health test their dogs to ensure they are top quality and will not pass on any genetic diseases or other problems to their puppies. 

  • Most French Bulldogs have small litters (3-5 usually). 

  • Sometimes they will only have 1 puppy!

Remember you get what you pay for. If someone is offering a Frenchie for much less money, it's a good possibility that it is either a scam or that puppy might not be the very healthy. 

Here's a breakdown of some costs

DNA genetic testing - About $300

Health Screening - $200-$500

Stud Fee - $1000-$5000 or more depending on quality and color of stud

Progesterone tests - About $120 each (Usually need about 3-6)

Artificial Insemination (Depends on type) - $150-$750

C-section - $1500-$4500 (The high end would be after hours emergency vet)

Whelping supplies - $500 and up

Puppy health check and vaccinations - $100 each

Puppy microchips - $40 each


Puppy Health Certificate if going out of state - $80 each

**These costs don't even include time off work, incubator, whelping pen, cleaning supplies, emergencies that could come up with mom or pups, food for mom, supplements, and a million other things that could happen along the way.**

Sapphire Blue Frenchies puppies start at $4500 for pet homes. Pricing varies according to color, DNA, pet home vs. breeding rights, and structure. 


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