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Guardian Homes

Guardian homes are an amazing way to get a gorgeous, top-quality puppy without having the pricey up-front cost. A Guardian home is where we place our pick of the litter or an amazing purchased pup with a wonderful local family at no cost but they will come back to us for breeding.  They are your pet and family member but are legally owned by Sapphire Blue Frenchies until done breeding then we sign them over to you and they are 100% your's for FREE! This will allow us to keep doing what we love without having to keep all the pups for ourselves. It allows a pup to be spoiled rotten by their people for their entire lives and allows their people to witness the beauty of pregnancy and puppies without doing the breeding themselves. We chose to go this route instead of retiring adults and rehoming them because we feel it's much easier on the dog this way. 

Guardians will take care of all things a pet owner normally would like vaccinations, vet visits, emergencies, and basic needs. Sapphire Blue Frenchies will pay for anything breeding related and keep all money made from those breedings. SBF will need to have access to them for Vet appointments like testing, breedings, and while raising puppies but you will have them most of the time.

Interested? Feel like you'd be an amazing Guardian home?
Please apply below! 

Apply to be a Guardian Home


  1. Fenced in yard. 

  2. No pool or body of water unless outside of fenced area. Meaning zero access for dog. 

  3. No other unfixed pets in home.

  4. Treat pets like family members. 

  5. Financially able to take care of emergency Vet care should it arise. Pet insurance is a great option. 

  6. Live within 1 hour of Hendersonville, TN. 

  7. Someone is able to check on pets during the day so they aren't left alone for long periods of time.

  8. Understand the French Bulldog breed and their specific needs. 

  9. Must be willing to use Volunteer Vet Clinic in Hendersonville. 

  10. Must be willing to feed the food and supplements that we use. 


Thanks for applying to be a Guardian home with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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