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Our Studs

Want to use one of our studs?

  • All of our studs are health tested.

  • We are located just outside of Nashville and offer free side by side artificial inseminations done by us  or we can meet you at our reproductive vet for the insemination of your choice.

  • We also ship via FedEx overnight using Shipmate containers.

  • We now offer same day delivery via Southwest cargo!

  • We guarantee 2 live puppies at birth or we will repeat the breeding. 

  • We do require photos of your female, Proof of full AKC registration, and DNA health testing results. 

Huckleberry "Huck"

Lilac & Tan Merle Carries L4 Fluffy Gene 
at/at d/d co/co ky/ky N/m N/N L/l4  In/In
Bloodlines include: Lord Sugar


Lilac & Tan
Carries Testable (Rojo), & Cream

at/at B/b d/d co/co E/e ky/ky N/N

Bloodlines include: El Camino & Unbreakable Gem of Blue Buddha Frenchies

Bocephus  "Bo"

Blue Fawn Carries Cocoa, Tan Points, Cream & Pied
ay/at d/d co/Co Em/e ky/ky N/S
Bloodlines include: Shogun, Samurai

King Maui

Cocoa Sable
Carries "a" gene, Blue, & Pied 

ay/a co/co D/d Em/Em ky/ky N/S

Bloodlines include: Emperor, Pablito, Shogun


Blue & Tan Pied
Carries Cocoa
at/a d/d Co/co B/B Em/Em ky/ky S/S

Bloodlines include: Pablito